“Janice‚Äôs Business Strategy for Budding Entrepreneurs course was EXACTLY what I was looking for – welcoming, informative and concise. It really helped me organize the many ideas that have been floating around in my head into a timeline so that I can finally take the next step. Janice was not only resourceful but so helpful when it came to talking about the struggles of being a FEMALE entrepreneur. While a lot of the information I’ve read about starting a business scared me (people running around raising HUGE amounts of seed money, making pitches to big shot investors…), Janice really put everything into perspective for me and assured me that there’s nothing wrong with starting small, which was such a relief. She definitely gave me the confidence boost that I needed. Highly recommended to anyone out there who needs that extra push (and education) to finally start your dream business!”

Aiko, Current Business Owner, Tokyo, Japan