I believe in equipping clients with the tools to think through and adapt to future situations so they remain in control of their business regardless what the future brings.  The ultimate goal of my training is adaptability.  This approach allows clients to take the lessons and apply them how they most appropriately fit into their personal life circumstances. 

Group Workshops

Offered at various times per year in Yokohama, Japan, Metro Detroit, Michigan or online.

Formulate Your Business Idea
Many people want to start a business, but can’t choose one idea.  This course helps individuals asses which opportunities they are viable from both business and personal perspectives.

Business Strategy for Budding Entrepreneurs
Ready to start a business but don't know where to start?  Overwhelmed by the decisions to be made?  Unable to clearly communicate your idea others?  This course teaches a step-by-step approach to developing an effective strategy for any business looking to start small. 

Customer Deep Dive
Too broad or too narrow a focus can undermine a business’ marketing efforts.  This course helps ensure you have the right customer focus before wasting time and money. 


1:1 Advisory Services

To discuss any business topics you choose, including the following most common areas.  Can be covered through a mix of in-person, skype, or email tailored to the client’s needs.  Please contact Janice for a free 30 minute assessment to discuss your goals and develop a personalized plan.

Business Plan Review

Formulate a business idea

Early stage topic deep dive

Personal resources assessment

Target customer strategy session